Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership is designed to make it easier and cheaper to buy a new home. It helps first time buyers get on the property ladder by providing a part-buy/part-rent scheme. You buy a share of the property and pay a monthly rent on the remaining share. This combined cost is usually less than buying an apartment outright. After the first 12 months you will have the option of buying a larger share of your property in multiples of 10%, so you can eventually own 100% of your home.

Who is eligible?

Catalyst will give priority to the following:

•    People who live or work in the Borough of Barnet
•    People who have a local connection (e.g. family ties in the area).
•    Social tenants (people living in housing provided by the council or a housing association).

In addition:

•    Your household income must be below £90,000 a year.
•    You can’t already own a home or have your name on the deeds of another property.